School Staff

Mr Chris Tranter   HLTA
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I have been a HLTA at the Evolution Centre since September 2013 bringing experience from various different care sectors. On a day to day basis you might see me doing a wide variety of tasks ranging from supporting teachers in lessons, delivering one to one sessions, or taking students mountain biking in the local area. I believe the ability to offer a wide ranging but personalised curriculum is a strength seen every day at the Evolution Centre.  


Mrs Karen Mattinson and Miss Laura Jeavons  
School Administrators

Our role as School Administrators is on a job share basis, therefore between us we carry out all the responsibilities of the position.  We ensure the smooth running of the office and support to our Headteacher, the teaching team and of course a welcoming smile for students and visitors at reception. 

Karen Mattinson:   I’ve worked at the Evolution Centre since it first opened in September 2008.  I really enjoy working with the teaching team and young people.  I love travel, fitness and keeping up to date with modern trends from the students!

Laura Jeavons:   I joined the Evolution Centre team in June 2019.  I am enjoying the challenges and variation that the role brings - no two days are ever the same!

Mr Justus Dixon  
Careers Tutor

I have been working in formal education now for seven years with my background in mentoring/tutoring. Through this I’ve been designing interventions for challenging behaviour to assist students to achieve their full potential.  I am passionate about supporting young people with all aspects of progress as I see education as holistic – I believe it is about the development of the whole person, which ultimately helps young people to become positive citizens in society.  I have been at The Evolution Centre since January 2017 as the Careers Tutor and from the first time I came here, I found I absolutely love the atmosphere of the school.  

Jacqui Brooks   BA (QTS) MA NPQH
Head Teacher

I have been with the Evolution Centre since its origin in September 2008 and I am immensely proud of the vibrant learning community which it has become. My role involves the day to day running of the school, liaising with a vast range of professionals who support our students, as well as welcoming new referrals and teaching. My best days are when I get to do fun activities with our students, especially if they are a little bit competitive!


Ms Emma Salt   BEd (hons)
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

I have been with the Evolution Centre since it began in September 2008.  I enjoy my job as SENCo greatly, it is very varied.  I sometimes work one to one with students who need a little extra help to achieve their goals.  I coordinate all of the record keeping, such as reviewing student's Education, Health and Care Plans and the documents where they record their targets.  I also support teachers to develop strategies for helping pupils achieve more in their lessons.

Mrs Clare Price   BA (hons) PGCE MA
Teacher of English

I qualified as an English Teacher in 2006 and have taught at the Evolution Centre since 2008. I am passionate about teaching English, as I firmly believe proficiency in reading, writing and spoken language is pivotal to every child’s long-term success. I am also dedicated to broadening my students’ academic horizons and instilling a positive work ethic. On a more personal note, my favourite film is Woody Allen’s ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ and I enjoy reading Victorian literature in my spare time!

Mrs Amanda Eastwood   BSc PGCE
Teacher of Maths

I have been at the Evolution Centre teaching Maths since 2015. I try to make all lessons fun and practical so that pupils learn to use their maths in the real world. I am also in charge of the school garden which has seen a complete makeover thanks to the practical skills of our maintenance team and some green fingered students! It is now full of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Along with Mr Tranter, I am introducing and running the Duke of Edinburgh award next academic year.

Mr Steven Davies   BSc PGCE
Teacher of Science

I have been at the Evolution Centre since 2010 and I have enjoyed developing a range of contemporary and traditional Science resources. My aim as the Evolution Centre Science teacher is to deliver fun Science which helps the students to understand how things work in the world and to prepare students for examinations.  I do this by using a range of experiments and activities bespoke to each student’s needs.

My favourite experiment is making oxygen bubbles and watching them re-light a glowing splint.

Ms Emma Salt   BEd (hons)
Teacher of Computing and ICT

I have been with the Evolution Centre since its beginning in September 2008, My role involves teaching computing and ICT which I love. My pupils have achieved some great exam successes in these subjects, which makes me very proud. We complete lots of tasks which focus on skills that can be used in the workplace and college, as well as computer programming. I am a Raspberry Pi certified educator and have grand plans for further developing coding in the school.

Mr Jonathan Penrose   BA PGCE
Teacher of Technology

My role at the Evolution Centre is the delivery of Food Technology and Design Technology. These subjects play an important part in the students' development towards independence and their understanding of a healthy and diverse lifestyle. I enjoy watching and sharing the students' pride in their work and especially allowing them to discover new culinary and creative experiences.

Mr Paul Rogers   BA (hons) PGCE
Teacher of Art and Design, PSHE

I have taught in industry, mainstream schools and special schools for over 40 years.  My passions are Art and Design and Art History.  My training was of the good old art school type and I also have the benefit of always being a working artist exhibiting and selling work around the globe.  Art and psychology coupled with art therapy have enhanced teaching experiences and improved relationships and pupil development.  In simple terms my personal education philosophy is "every child matters".

Mrs Jacqui Brooks   BA (QTS) NPQH MA
Teacher of Physical Education, Geography and Child Development

My first love is teaching and I therefore relish the opportunity to step away from the office and get into the classroom. My three subjects offer a great deal of variety, with opportunities for practical and classroom based learning and I enjoy teaching all of them. My favourite classroom practical has to be building earthquake proof structures from marshmallows and cocktail sticks on wibbly-wobbly jelly; which one will withstand the seismic shocks?!

Mrs Julie Ball  
Languages Teacher

I've had the privilege of teaching Modern Foreign Languages at the Evolution Centre for the past three years, this has been on a part-time basis.  The Evolution Centre is a place where all staff are mutually supportive and work together with a deep and enduring commitment to the progress and wellbeing of each and every one of their students.  I very much enjoy helping students as they work towards achieving their individual goals and, particularly, seeing their self-confidence and belief in their own abilities steadily increase.


Mr Sean Howells   HLTA
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I have been with the Evolution Centre since 2012 and really enjoy the job I do. My role as HLTA involves helping the teaching staff to ensure that the students can access learning in their lessons. I really appreciate the positive atmosphere of the school and the variety of my duties. Every young person brings something different to the school which makes every day interesting and enlightening.

I am also a Child Exploitation and Online Safety (CEOP) ambassador and deliver sessions to students and staff to ensure we keep up to date with the technological world.